5th - 7th May 2023

Group C Super Cup during the Bosch Hockenheim Historic.









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The fascination with the bygone days of motorsport returns 5th - 7th May 2023 with a highlight in the German Historic Motorsport season: the Bosch Hockenheim Historic.

We are pleased to announce the return of our feature race at the Bosch Hockenheim Historic which will again be the Group C Super Cup competition, after the successful events in 2021 & 2022 it is slated to reoccur in 2023.

The Bosch Hockenheim Historic - The Jim Clark Revival is an established motorsport event for vintage and young timers that draws large visitor numbers from Germany and throughout Europe to the traditional racing track in Baden each year.

Back in July 1985 the 1000kms WEC race was the last time these cars were raced at Hockenheim, with drivers such as Derek Bell,Hans-Joachim Stuck, Stefan Bellof, Bob Wollek, Manfred Winklehock & Mark Surer at the controls of Porsche 956/962, Jaguar, Sauber Mercedes and Lancia C1 cars. For the Group C2 category Gordon Spice, Ray Bellm, Stanley Dickens, Almo Copelli, Frank Jelinski, Martino Finotto, Carlo Facetti and John Graham in the Spice, Alba and Gebhardt C2 machines.

38 years later, we will again see and hear the spectacle of both in period and later Group C/IMSA GTP machines bring the Hockenheimring alive at such a great historic motorsport event. The feeling of nostalgia and living history will be in the air when the cars once more set off on this legendary track.

We Are In Hockenheim !

  • KW Group C Supercup – A review of the 2022 Race in Hockenheim

    KW Group C Supercup - A review of the 2022 Race in Hockenheim
    (Film from Historic Cars and Legends TV with commentary from Norbert Ockenga)

    (Commentary in German)

  • Time Lap

    The start of the Group C Supercup in Hockenheim was not just a rare opportunity to see the fascinating cars from the golden era of endurance racing in Germany on the track again. The two races in Baden also provided deep insights into this very special category of historic motorsport.

    Translation of the original text from Norbert Ockenga and photos from Berit Erlbacher, Elfi Jung published in PITWALK Magazine #67

  • Group C Talk – The Fascination of Historic Motorsport

    Group C TALK - The Fascination of Historic Motorsport
    (Podcast: Norbert Ockenga with Marco Werner & Jochen Nerpel)

    (Commentary in German)

KW Group C Supercup
Race summary
Bosch Hockenheim Historic 2021

Here is a GREAT recap of the 2021 Bosch Hockenheim Historics Group C Supercup from our friends at, Historic Cars and Legends TV.
Action, On-Boards, Interviews...
For those that could not be there live, this is the next best thing!
German commentator
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World Sports Car Championship
Hockenheim 1985

Watch the highlights of the historic 1985 WEC Race at the Hockenheimring.
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World Sports Car Championship
Memorex Porsche - Season 1986

German commentator
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